Suge Knight: “Katt Williams Isn’t Crazy Or On Drugs!”


Actor/comedian Katt Williams has been in the press more than he’s been on comedy stages, as of late. Due to his recent string of run-ins with the law, many have slapped Williams with the label of crazy. His friend, Suge Knight, says Katt Williams isn’t crazy, just short-tempered.

While people have attributed Katt Williams’ recent bad behavior on drugs, Suge Knight denies that and offers another reason. Knight says Katt’s erratic behavior is in response to harassment he receives from fans. “People test him because he’s small and the best comedian of all time.”

Knight goes on to explain that it ain’t easy being a vertically challenged comedian known for playing a pimp. Suge takes it a step further by comparing Williams’ “drama moment” to those of Richard Pryor and Mike Tyson. “When people see him, they don’t separate the Katt Williams on stage from the Katt Williams just…

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Somebody done gave Katt the “oooooooweeeeeeee”

Comedian Katt Williams is under investigation after allegedly leading Capitol Protection CHP officers on a hot pursuit chase in downtown Sacramento on Sunday, according to TMZ.

Williams was spotted driving down K Street when he almost hit five pedestrians on a tricycle. Officers are not amused by the incident, and this most recent escapade could land the comedian behind bars in a Sacramento jail cell.