Dominique Scott taught us a lesson


Well it seems that first lady Dominique taught us all a lesson about judging. I know the media and bloggers gave this first lady a real hard time but at the end the she shines. Okay First Ladies we’re ready for season 2 bring it on…

The Sisterhood Oh My!!!


The Sisterhood is causing quite a stir in the Christian community!!! And we just found out that Pastor’s Brian and Dominique Scott were possibly involved in a tutoring scam in Clayton County Goergia which was possibly the reason they lost the church. In case you don’t know them by name Brian and Dominique are the ones where the wife used to smoke crack, was a prostitute, dropped out of high school, went back and got her GED and married a Pastor and changed her life. Well, that wouldn’t be so bad if Miss Thang had not forgotten her humble beginnings and began to judge others…honey if you live in a glass house please don’t throw no stones, that’s why I’m dropping these rocks right now. They should change the name from The Sisterhood to Got Dayum them sistas are hood…

93.1 WZAK

250,000 is the number of viewers the TLC Network lost from the roughly 958K who tuned in to watch the series premiere of the reality TV show Sisterhood last Tuesday. In fact, the number of viewers who tuned in was so low that the show is not even listed on the TV ratings charts for shows that aired on January 1st.

Apparently, TLC’s decision to cut the check for a reality show that focuses on preacher’s wives was not a good move.

250,000 is also the number of signatures reached on a petition to pressure TLC into canceling the show. But the petition might not be necessary.

 TLC Sisterhood cast

‘Sisterhood’ follows 5 preacher’s wives (including Tara Lewis pictured above) who promote themselves to their husband’s flocks as symbols of submission, morality and virtue.

But in her petition, Ann Cooke called the Christian reality show “pure garbage” that “does not portray…

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