The Queen has spoken so BOW DOWN *itches

Controversy surrounds the lyrics of the Queen’s new song “Bow Down Bitches!!!! Well I ain’t mad at the queen cuz we all have our own bow down bitches moments. When I get a really good weave I wish I could say “Bow Down Bitches” or when I am wearing a really cute outfit I want to say “Bow Down Bitches”, or when I buy a really cute pair of shoes I am feeling like “Bow Down Bitches!!!!” Listen to the track and reflect on your Bow down Bitches moments you’ve had in your life and just say BOW DOWN BITCHES…and don’t let your young churren listen to the queen cut loose on this one…

Dominique Scott taught us a lesson


Well it seems that first lady Dominique taught us all a lesson about judging. I know the media and bloggers gave this first lady a real hard time but at the end the she shines. Okay First Ladies we’re ready for season 2 bring it on…

Oprah Responds to Terrence: ‘I Do Have Big Breastesses’

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Even Oprah admits she’s got some ‘tig ol’ bitties.’

Well, she didn’t use those exact words like actor Terrence Howard did, but essentially she’s saying the same thing.

Last week,  Howard, while doing press for his current film, “Dead Man Down,” spoke about his upcoming film, “The Butler,” in which he has a love scene with Oprah and told the world about the experience.

“Oprah and I had such chemistry. To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those tig ol’ bitties … She’s such a lovely, voluptuous woman … That was wonderful,” said Howard.

But some, for whatever reason, though the remark was tasteless and classless. After all, he was referring of all people, Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful women in the world.

But recently on the Steve Harvey show O said she was not offended by the remark…

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Gabby Blasts D-Wade’s Baby Mama For Crying To Dr. Phil

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Many have speculated for years that actress Gabrielle Union homewrecked her way into NBA star Dwyane Wade’s marriage to his ex-wife Siovaughn.

To add to the rumors flames, when previews of Siovaughn’s interview with Dr. Phil about her custody battle with Dwyane Wade got some exposure Gabby began tweeting about ‘certain people’ who fail to be accountable for their own mistakes.



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WATCH: Steve Harvey Talks With Oprah About Her Love Scene Terrence Howard and Him Loving her Tig Ol’s

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In their upcoming movie, The Butler, Howard and Winfrey’s characters share a love scene, which according to Oprah, was supposed to be a little scene before Howard “misbehaved.” Winfrey, who sat down with Steve Harvey, claims Howard is ”a misbehaving kind of boy.”

She is, of course, talking about Howard’s recent interview, in which he discussed her “tig ol’ bitties” and the fact that she is a “lovely, voluptuous woman.”


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Halle Berry Discusses “The Call”: “It’s A Fast-Paced, Edge of Your Seat Thriller” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Halle Berry called in to The Steve Harvey Morning Show today to talk about her new movie, “The Call,” in theaters on March 15.

The Oscar-winning actress stars along side Morris Chestnut as a 911 operator who makes a tragic mistake. Halle described the film as informative as well as an “edge of your seat thriller.”

Listen to the exclusive interview:

Halle Berry On The SHMS


Weather Alert! Halle Berry Will Reprise Her Role As Storm In The Next X-Men Movie!

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Halle Berry Celebrates 45th Birthday In A Bikini

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