Destiny’s Child new video sneak peek

Here is a peek of what’s to come, enjoy


I knew it

tyandop Well, apparently while everyone else has been talking about Tyler being gay what has really been going on is that Tyler has been banging all the Steadman out of Oprah. We at “Cup of Tea knew it all along” We’ve seen them at church with Bishop Jakes and everything. Well the latest cup of tea is that TYLER is moving all of his shows (which we Love) from TBS to OWN!!!! We just want to ask Oprah one question… Why did you have to steal our man too!!!!!???? But seriously, we are happy for that transition and will be watchning this story as it progesses.

Kenya get a grip please

WalterAndGirlCrop Kenya, girl get a grip!!! Walter is out with all of these other women but any fool with 20/20 vision can see that Walter is as SWEET as any one of those Georgia Peaches yall hold up at the beginning of the show. Walter doesn’t want a woman cause honey Walter wants either Phaedra or Cynthia’s man…Hello and if I see you crying over this loser again it’s so on! I am going ALL the IN on you, but the first time is okay….

sorry cissy

ciccyWell, I did’nt think this would work and it didn’t. Bobby Kris ain’t having it and I don’t blame her. Why would you talk about her momma, your daughter like that???? I’m sorry Ms. Cissy but I just am not with you on this one. It was bad enough that you performed at that award show and although we felt your pain can I just say that you are way past your prime, now you want to write a book that makes our icon “Whitney Houston” seem like she had lost her mind????? I don’t blame Bobby Kris for seperating herself fom you, that was her momma, you of all people should know better, with your saved self;) How much they pay you for that?????

Beyonce did not cause power outage

Beyonce-Superbowl-2013Okay, I tried to remain silent but the recent talks about Beyonce having something to do with the power outage at the Superbowl has us at Cup of Tea very HEATED!!!!! First of all we realize that the QUEEN has much power but she would never cause such a disaster and secondly she had already burnt the place down and had nothing left to prove. Please stop implicating Queen Bey in New Orleans’ raggedy power grids, it’s not a gook look…