WOW REALLY?!: Evelyn Lozada Reveals She Would Give Chad Johnson A Second Chance!

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As Evelyn Lozada prepares for the next season of “Basketball Wives,” she recently told media that she believes in second chances…even for Chad Ochocinco.  Find out what she said inside….

While fans and critics scratch their heads about Rihanna and Chris Brown’s “friendship,” another ex-couple that seems to be rekindling the fire (on Twitter of course) is Evelyn Lozada (Rih’s friend as well) and Chad Ochocinco.

Chad and Evelyn have been communicating on Twitter (most recently for Evelyn’s birthday) where the two said they missed each other and Chad called hismelf Evelyn’s “missing piece.”

Now, Ev has been talking about second chances and it seems like Chad may have a shot at reuniting with his ex-wife after their head-butting fight over a condom receipt.  While speaking to RumorFix, (at the unveiling of her “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign), Ev talked about the aftermath of her…

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