Morning Minute: How Being an Alleged ‘Husband Stealer’ Can Help Alicia Keys

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Chris Paul thinks Alicia Keys has the perfect defense against the latest accusation against her, find out how here.


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

According to the census bureau by the year 2043 whites will no longer make up the majority of the country.  Man, first a hockey strike, then the election, then Quentin Tarentino’s Django and now this?  My white friends this has not been your year.

Alicia Keys is being sued by a 1960 songwriter who claims that her hit song, Girl On Fire, stole lyrics from his song, Hey There Lonely Girl.  But Alicia Key’s attorney responded quickly to the lawsuit saying, “my client does not steal lyrics.”  Yeah, she might steal your husband, but she does not steal lyrics.

Cable channel TLC has announced special holiday episodes of the hit…

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One thought on “Morning Minute: How Being an Alleged ‘Husband Stealer’ Can Help Alicia Keys

  1. If you listen two Alicia’s song this Girl is on Fire, it says “nobody knows that she’s a lonely girl”. The song Hey there lonely Girl written by Earl Shuman has these lyrics “Hey there lonely girl, lonely girl” and “Oh my lonely girl, lonely girl”. I would not think that two words of a song would be stealing, especially since the latter song has a specific content about a lonley girl with obvious repetitions. You don’t figure the artist Journey, is going to sue her for using the lyrics ” living in this lonely world”

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