Another Day, Another Will and Jada Breakup Rumor

WRNB 100.3 Philly

The talk of strife between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith refuses to die. Like you could ball it up, toss it in the trashcan, pour gasoline all over it, light a match and proceed to like the rumor on fire. Still, it will rise from the ashes and onto the Internet. Now the word is that the two cancelled their Christmas party because they got into a huge fight.

Do I believe it? No, not really. If they did cancel their party, it’s probably because Jada wanted to take Willow to Bangladesh to meet Tina Turner and tour the circle of life or something.

Whatever, here goes the story:

Family trouble rumors are brewing again after Will and Jada cancel their annual Christmas party at the last minute…

Insiders are claiming Will and Jada got into a huge fight while down in Miami for Art Basel and that…

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