Beyonce Racks In $50 Million With New Pepsi Ad Deal!

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Beyhive rejoice! There’s going to be a whole lot of Beyonce up for grabs with her newest collaboration.

Pepsi has announced a multi-year collaboration with the songstress that even includes a limited edition Pepsi can featuring Bey’s face.

But this is a collaboration with a twist. Rather than just featuring Beyonce in their ads, the company is allowing Bey to use some of the $50 million in funding to support her own chosen projects, like her upcoming album set to be released in 2013.

Beyonce commented on the collaboration:

“Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve. As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.”

According to The New York Times, the Pepsi promos will start as soon as she steps off that Super Bowl stage.

The campaign will coincide with a blitz of…

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