Bitch Slap 101 – Kat Williams Style

Educated Insanity

katKat Williams is at it again, he’s back in the media for all of the wrong reasons. Williams was seen driving a three-wheeler on a crowded sidewalk in Sacramento, CA. earlier this week. Williams was said to have reached speeds of up to 35 miles per hour during the chase that lasted several minutes. Williams, 39, led authorities on a chase that was called off to  protect pedestrians and bystanders.

An officer from the California Highway Patrol’s capitol protector section was said to have seen Williams in the act and initiated the chase. The D.A. has been asked to file felony charges against the comedian.

If that wasn’t enough action for a lifetime-hours later Kat Williams was seen at a target “bitch” slapping a cashier. The disagreement started off innocents according to witnesses, until Williams slapped the Target associate in the face. The cashier looked like he wanted to hit the comedian back but decided instead to…

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