Rappin’ Paper: The Most Expensive Lyrics Of 2012

97.9 The Beat

For as long as rappers have been making money from music, there has been music about making money. In 2012 artists pushed themselves to newer and more imaginative heights of excess in their rhymes, despite the financial woes the rest of the country might be experiencing.

In some cases they are actually living that large (we see you Jay-Z) in other cases it’s a tribute to just how expansive the baller’s capacity for exaggeration has become. So raise a glass of your favorite carbonated beverage and check out some of the most expensive lyrics of 2012.

12. 50 Cent, “Money”

“I’m in London blowin pounds, Japan blowin yen

It’s the methodical diabolical n*gga with a grin

My stash look like a rainbow, my money is gay

11. Nicki Minaj, “Come On A Cone”

Flying spurs for hers; me I’m f*cking above it

And I just got the ghost, and I’m…

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