Did Tyler Perry Plagiarize?

Okay Tyler it’s time to come clean, now I personally remember sitting in at one of your plays and you telling us about an incident in Dallas with another woman who claims you stole Diary from her personal diary. I also remember you making a comment on FB about not beating a “dead horse but riding a living one” I don’t think the past incidents were plaigiarism because that means to steal the intellectual property of someone else such as a published work, however if this book should resemble the movie you may have helped to dig your own grave…

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tyler-perry-resizedWill Tyler Perry make a full-length feature for Madea Goes to Court? Well, not exactly. It looks as though Perry is being sued for ripping off the plot to Good Deeds.

Author Terri Donald said Perry’s film Good Deeds was based off of her book Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit. She went as far to ay she sent a copy to Perry well before the film was even made.

Donald is seeking $225,000 in damages as well as an injunction to add a book credit in the opening and closing credits.

I haven’t seen Good Deeds, but if it was anything like his other movies (I’m clumping The Family That Preys in here too), then I probably wouldn’t claim it. But since he made a cool $35 milion at the box office for the flick, I don’t blame her. Make that money, girl…

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