Did Tyler Perry Plagiarize?

Okay Tyler it’s time to come clean, now I personally remember sitting in at one of your plays and you telling us about an incident in Dallas with another woman who claims you stole Diary from her personal diary. I also remember you making a comment on FB about not beating a “dead horse but riding a living one” I don’t think the past incidents were plaigiarism because that means to steal the intellectual property of someone else such as a published work, however if this book should resemble the movie you may have helped to dig your own grave…

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Will Tyler Perry make a full-length feature for Madea Goes to Court? Well, not exactly. It looks as though Perry is being sued for ripping off the plot to Good Deeds.

Author Terri Donald said Perry’s film Good Deeds was based off of her book Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit. She went as far to ay she sent a copy to Perry well before the film was even made.

Donald is seeking $225,000 in damages as well as an injunction to add a book credit in the opening and closing credits.

I haven’t seen Good Deeds, but if it was anything like his other movies (I’m clumping The Family That Preys in here too), then I probably wouldn’t claim it. But since he made a cool $35 milion at the box office for the flick, I don’t blame her. Make that money, girl…

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We hope she’s okay!!!

On Wednesday, the 19-year-old crashed her sports car near her home in Alpharetta, Ga. According to TMZ and The Associated Press, a passerby called 911 after spotting the smashed-up car in a ditch, and when police

arrived, an apparently uninjured Bobbi Kristina was standing next to it.

Police believe that she lost control of her black Camaro while coming out of her apartment complex, clipping a curb and heading down an embankment. She hit several “small trees” on the way before the car stopped along a park trail.

Cops gave Bobbi Kristina a ticket for “failure to maintain lane” but don’t suspect drugs or alcohol were involved. After the accident, she tweeted, “My Personal Guardian Angel. Thankumom.”

Somebody done gave Katt the “oooooooweeeeeeee”

Comedian Katt Williams is under investigation after allegedly leading Capitol Protection CHP officers on a hot pursuit chase in downtown Sacramento on Sunday, according to TMZ.

Williams was spotted driving down K Street when he almost hit five pedestrians on a tricycle. Officers are not amused by the incident, and this most recent escapade could land the comedian behind bars in a Sacramento jail cell.

Halle BerrySecretly Selling Hollywood ‘Fight House’


Halle Berry has VERY quietly listed her Hollywood Hills mansion for $15 million … the same home where Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez faced off in a violent Thanksgiving Day showdown  … TMZ has learned.Multiple real estate sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ … a few weeks back Halle gave a prominent realtor a pocket listing — a fancy term for property that isn’t advertised.  The broker — Billy Rose with the high-end company, The Agency, has history with the house.  He owned it a decade ago, renovated it and then sold it to actor Frankie Muniz, who sold it to Halle several years later.Sources tell TMZ … Rose has quietly put out feelers to other realtors and potential buyers … with some success.  We’re told last week Halle got an $11 million offer, but she’s holding out for more.In case you’re in the market, it’s a 5-bedroom, 5,900…

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Rappin’ Paper: The Most Expensive Lyrics Of 2012

97.9 The Beat

For as long as rappers have been making money from music, there has been music about making money. In 2012 artists pushed themselves to newer and more imaginative heights of excess in their rhymes, despite the financial woes the rest of the country might be experiencing.

In some cases they are actually living that large (we see you Jay-Z) in other cases it’s a tribute to just how expansive the baller’s capacity for exaggeration has become. So raise a glass of your favorite carbonated beverage and check out some of the most expensive lyrics of 2012.

12. 50 Cent, “Money”

“I’m in London blowin pounds, Japan blowin yen

It’s the methodical diabolical n*gga with a grin

My stash look like a rainbow, my money is gay

11. Nicki Minaj, “Come On A Cone”

Flying spurs for hers; me I’m f*cking above it

And I just got the ghost, and I’m…

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T.I. Admits Andre 3000 Killed him on his own song “Sorry”!! Listen & VOTE!!

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If you ask me they both killed it but I see why T.I. says Andre did better then he did… check out it come up your own opinion!


[ione_embed src=http://www.youtube.com/embed/QXfhiijSt1Y service=youtube width=420 height=315 type=iframe]


T.I. is one of the most respected rappers in the game, but he readily admits that his fellow ATLien Andre 3000 came out on top on their new collaboration Sorry.” Earlier this year T.I. said this to HeadKrack from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” about Andre 3000′s verse on “Sorry”…

“I’ve never gotten my motherf**kin’ ass busted on a record ever before. He sat me down and taught me something, and that’s the first time I can say that.”

Check out this interview below, and check out more of your favorite rappers on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” weekdays…

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Kanye West Dragged Into Court By Kris Humphries

93.9 WKYS

 Kanye West didn’t realize what he was getting into by dealing with Kim Kardashian and her divorce (or not) with Brooklyn Nets Forward, Kris Humphries.

Apparently, Kanye was dragged into court by Humphries to answer some questions about their relationship.

TMZ Article:

Kanye West has officially been dragged into the longest, most ridiculous divorce case ever — Kris Humphries made Kim’s rapper/bf sit for a deposition … TMZ has learned.

Kim’s lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, is in court right now, essentially asking the judge to make Kris either s**t or get off the pot. As Wasser put it, “She [Kim] is now handcuffed to Mr. Humphries.”

Wasser mentioned Kris and his lawyers are now raising issues over the prenup he signed, which we know gives him squat.

Wasser also expressed frustration that Kris is dragging his feet — he hasn’t even deposed Kim yet. Wasser calls the whole thing…

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